Easy to use Driver Tracking and Proof of Delivery solution


Need a Proof of Delivery?

EasyDrop provides a complete communication workflow with your clients, ranging from previous day confirmation email through to real-time driver tracking and the final proof of delivery with customer rating

Full Visibility At The Base

1 - Easy to assign jobs

Organise the daily runs through an easy to use web dispatch portal

2 - Real time tracking

You can monitor where your drivers are and verify which deliveries have been completed and the ones that are still pending.

3 - Live Proof of Delivery

Your drivers can take photos that prove if a delivery could be completed or if there were any obstacles.

Elegant mobile app.

Your drivers will love EasyDrop. It's so simple to use, yet with all the features to simplify their work.

EasyDrop in the media


Ricardo Buccianti, founder of EasyDrop.

EasyDrop was born out of a participation at a hackathon organised by Coca-Cola in 2013. A subsequent great achievement at another hackathon, this time organised by Transport for NSW, was the sign that the opportunity was set. It didn't take long for the project to hit the market and get the attention of the first few customers. With 35 years of experience in the IT field and having developed several B2B applications, Ricardo Buccianti is on a mission to make EasyDrop a global reference in the logistics industry. With full commitment and hard work we are slowly but surely gaining position into the market.





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